General Information

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The Signal Theory, Telematics and Communications Department (TSTC) of the University of Granada was born during the academic course 2004/2005, being assigned to it the areas of knowledge of Telematics Engineering (IT) and Signal Theory and Communications (TSC).

The management and direction of the TSTC Department currently rests with:

Organization and Government of the Department (Chart)

Department infographics

  • Research groups

NESG Network Engineering and Security Group (NESG-TIC233)

SIPBA Signal Processing and Biomedical Applications (SiPBA-TIC218)

STC Signals, Telematics and Communications (STC-TIC123)

SIGMAT Signal Processing, Multimedia Transmission and Speech/Audio Tecnologies (SigMAT-TIC234)

WMNL Wireless and Multimedia Networking Lab (TIC235)